2018 Inspirational Figures


Client Name
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts – Georgia Tech
Project Details
Poster Series
Our Role
Art Direction & Design
Carter Chase

Inspirational Figures is a poster project supported by the Ivan Allen College as an effort to uplift students who may be suffering with mental health issues and other hardships. Students were asked to choose public figures who they themselves found inspiring in order to share their stories with a broader audience. LMC’s Creative Director Jillann Hertel asked then colab Lead Designer, Carter Chase, to accomplish a few things in creating these posters:

  1. They share an identical layout (they are meant to be a collection)
  2. They each have a vivid/saturated color of their own
  3. That there be a short narrative included (expressing why this person is inspiring in areas of mental health/advocacy)
  4. To include a tweaked/redesigned/imagined image of the person 
  5.  That the posters have an art-poster look and feel 

The result are all six posters as interpreted, envisioned, and designed by Chase. Once the digital files were completed, Hertel had them printed at a fine art print house, framed and mounted them and then arranged for various traveling showcases in order for the works to be viewed by a larger audience. They are now housed in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication.